My restored SX-1980

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sansui G-8000 score!!

One of my dream receivers for only $150! It was so dirty it the faceplate looked as brown as the wood case, nicotine all over and dirt, oils from fingers and who knows what else sticking to the nicotine, but it cleaned up so well that except for a few flaws, it could be new in box! It also had very dirty pots that were causing the right channel to not work, but a couple of Deoxit baths, one a general bath that got it working again, then a detailed clean to remove some hiss and a little static and presto! Working perfectly and and near perfect cosmetically as well! All the original lights are working as well, I couldn't believe it!

Size comparison, the receiver below it is a Sansui 8080DB, a very big receiver in its own right, but the G dwarfs it (I only put the G on top of it for this photo, this is not its permanent place).

Better and more detailed photos: