My restored SX-1980

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Sherwood S-9910 recap!

Got another S-9910 for a recap and going over, this one is a little more dirty then the last one and every lamp but one was out. Owner wants the best that can be done to it, so the caps I'm using are Nichicon FG for the preamp sections, Nichicon PW for the power supply, Nichicon ES for the bi-polar caps and Nichicon KL for the blue and orange low noise caps, like the last one except I'm using Nichicon FG instead of Panasonic FC. The preamp transistors are being replaced and all the functions are going to be extensively checked for proper operation.

Here is some before photos:

Underside of the filter caps and the rectifier board

The boards before

Phono amp

Tape/Mode board

Tone amp

Driver amp boards

Power supply

Here it is after re-lamping!

And after recapping!

Phono amp photo to be added

Tape/Mode board

Tone amp

Driver amp board (they both look like this)

Power supply

New filter caps

And it put back together!

It's a great warm sounding receiver, kind of like the Pioneer SX-x5x series, but not quite like it, it has its own flare on the sound that sets apart from that series. Overall a very nice receiver, I'd recommend it to anyone.