My restored SX-1980

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Pioneer SX-1010 score!

Got another 1010, almost an exact copy of the one I first got, cut power cord and will not output audio, for $129! Yeah baby! Found that the hard wired fuse inside was blown, replaced that along with the power cord and a couple of shorted outputs, which had caused the fuse to blow. Powered it up, all the lights worked and except for some dirty pots and switches, worked great! Did a full restore to it, all new outputs, replaced most of the transistors on the amp boards and replaced all of them on the control amp, or tone amp. Also completely rebuilt the power supply and did a full recap. All I can say about it after listening to it for the first time after I finished it, it's 100 watts per channel of pure sonic and visual bliss.

More photos to follow, for now a teaser, the one on top is my first 1010, the other is the one I just finished.

More photos!