My restored SX-1980

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Biggest score to date...

I just got a set of Pioneer HPM-100's, the 200 watt versions, a SX-1000TW, a QL-600 and QT-2100 8 track tape player, a Nikko NA-890 amp and NT-890 tuner and a Sansui R-5, all for $150! The Nikko stuff is a little rough, the treble pot on the amp has the shaft broken off and the tuner is missing the power switch cover, but both power up and work, also the R-5 is missing the volume knob, but all the Pioneer stuff is in excellent to near mint condition. The two Nikkos and the Sansui were thrown in for free, so I took them. I'm doing a happy dance right now, the HPM's were my dream speakers and now I have my own!

Here are the HPM photos, more photos of the other stuff to follow.

And here is the rest of the gear!