My restored SX-1980

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Marantz 2252B recap and service

Got a 2252B from my friend needing the pots and switches Deoxited and new lamps. I'm replacing all the caps including the filter caps and replacing all the transistors in the preamp sections, a standard procedure for me. I'm also pulling the outputs and re-greasing them with new heatsink grease. The caps I'm using are Nichicon PW for the power amp and power supply sections, Panasonic FC for the preamp sections, Nichicon KL for the orange low noise caps and Panasonic ECQ film caps for any caps under 1uF.

Some before shots:

 Tuner board

Phono amp board

Tone amp board

Power amp/power supply board

Old filter caps versus new

And after!

Tuner board

Phono amp

Tone amp

Power amp/power supply board

New main filter caps

This receiver was a pleasure to work on compared to some Marantz receivers, everything was a lot more open then others. I have been burning in the caps for a couple of days now and it has that sweet Marantz sound, I really like it. Chalk another one up as recapped and serviced, with a big improvement in sound! Have I ever mentioned how much a recap improves the sound of a vintage amp or receiver? I do it to everything I get for myself and I highly recommend it to my customers. Multiple personal experiences of listening to stuff before and after a recap has never failed to amaze me in the difference a recap makes.