My restored SX-1980

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sherwood S-9910 recap and service

I got a Sherwood S-9910 to service and recap, this thing is a big receiver! No known problems, except that the controls need Deoxit applied to them, which I'll be doing. I'll be replacing all the caps, including the filter caps, along with all the transistors in the preamp sections. I'll also be pulling the outputs and re-greasing them along with cleaning the relays. The caps I'll be using are Nichicon PW for the power amp and power supply sections, Panasonic FC for the preamp sections, Nichicon KL for the blue and orange low noise caps and Panasonic ECQ film caps for any caps under 1uF. Here are a few specs on this receiver:

100 watts per channel into 8 ohms
4 gang tuner with a 1.7uV sensitivity
Triple tone controls and adjustable input sensitivity for the phono 2 input
Weighs 41 lbs

Here are some before pics of the boards and other stuff:

Tuner board
Phono preamp board

Tone control board

Tape/Mode board

Driver boards

Power transistor/relay board

Power supply board

Filter caps

Tuning capacitor

And here is after!

Tuner board

Phono amp board

Tape/Mode board

Tone amp board

Driver and power transistor/relay boards

Power supply board

New main filter caps