My restored SX-1980

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pioneer SX-1980 score and restoration! (35v zeners replaced!)

After wanting one so long, I have finally got one, and for a amazing price to boot! A friend of mine got a line on this one, asking price $400, scratchy controls was all it had. He asked my opinion of it and should he get it, you can imagine what my response was. GET IT! He bought it and brought it to his place, only to find out that it didn't fit anywhere he wanted to put it! He had said earlier on before he bought it that if something was very wrong with it or it didn't fit he'd let me have it for the same price he bought it for. So, seeing that it didn't fit, he offered it to me, and long story short I got it and he shipped it here. If you have never seen one of these in person, you can't appreciate how big these things are. They, are, massive! And try moving one around a lot, it will cause you to have a hernia, 78 pounds, 22 1/4" wide, 19" deep and 8 1/4" high.

I'm going to be doing a complete restore to it, recap, full cleaning from top to bottom, the works. Here are some before photos, I'll be adding more as I get into it.

Some before photos of the boards, more will be added as I get to them

EQ (Phono) amp board

Tone amp board

Flat amp board

Filter amp board

Power amp board (there are two of them and they look exactly the same, except one has the two big caps on the left instead of the right, this one is of the left amp board)

Power supply board

And after recap!

EQ (Phono) amp

Tone amp

Flat amp

Filter amp

Power amp (this one is the right hand amp board)

Power supply board (Note: I miscounted the caps in the list I created and came up two short, so you can see two caps that are still original, I've got those on order.)

And it works perfectly! Powered up on the DBT (Dim Bulb Tester) with no problems, offset and bias set with no problems whatsoever and when I played it for the first time, glorious sound from both channels, no scratchiness or cutting out at all. Here is a quick video I took:

I still have to replace the two caps on the power supply I missed, the filter caps, the SS relay (which I have managed to find one I think will work, but it's on back order until September) and the two 35v zener diodes, but other then that this thing is ready to rock and roll! I'll be post pics soon with it back together.

Update 05/14/13: I replaced the 35v zeners a month ago but some how forgot to update the post to that affect! This thing is now pretty much done, later down the road I'm going to recap the tuner section once I am able to align it or can have someone align it.

I decided to convert all the indicator lamps to LED's. Here are some examples of before and after LED conversion, the camera doesn't show the look very well, but it looks very nice, crisp and nicely bright without being overly bright.





And the soft start relay has been replaced, finally! (8/11/12)

New relay top and side, note it is a top mount, so I will have to exchange cases with the old relay so it will fit on the board.

New vs old

And the new relay in place! To get the old case to fit on the new relay all I had to do was file the front notch in the case a little taller. I also had to enlarge the holes in the board to small slots so the new relay terminals would fit, but after that it went it like a charm and worked perfectly! I have it playing now.

 And here are some photos of it with the faceplate on! More will come soon of the wood case and other parts.

Update 05/14/13: I haven't forgotten about getting more photos of it, but I've been either very busy or other family things have been happening, so I haven't had time to take them. I will soon though!